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What is Coaching?

What Coaching is NOT

What Coaching is NOT

Coaching is an ongoing partnership designed to help clients develop and enhance the skills, resources and creativity they already have in order to produce fulfilling and successful results in their academic, professional and personal lives.


What Coaching is NOT

What Coaching is NOT

What Coaching is NOT

Coaching is not tutoring--it is not designed to increase a specific subject content area.  Coaching will help the client develop necessary self advocacy and metacognitive skills needed to seek the help they need in order to reach their full academic potential.


How Coaching works

What Coaching is NOT

How Coaching works

I like to begin with an informal meeting in order to determine if coaching is a good fit for the client.  The next step is an Intake Session which usually lasts about 2 hours and includes all parties involved (clients and parents if applicable). Coaching sessions will begin after these two meetings and will consist of weekly in person or Skype sessions lasting approx 45 minutes followed up with frequent, brief, phone/email/text "check-ins" usually ranging from daily to twice per week.

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About Me

I am a trained coach specializing in supporting and enhancing the lives of teens and adults with (and without) ADHD and Executive Function difficulties.  My goal is to empower my clients with a renewed and deeper understanding of oneself in order to unlock their full potential both in and out of the classroom. I hold a masters degree from Drexel University and I have been in the teaching profession for over 25 years. More recently, I am a graduate of JST Coaching which is a premiere ADHD Coach Training Company accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

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If you would like to learn more about the coaching process and determine if it is a fit for you or your child, feel free to call or email me.

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